My CNMC 2009


I thought I’d share a picture of my last meal in Cuba: a ham and cheese sandwich. 

In the U.S., it’s called a Cuban sandwich. 

In Cuba, it’s called a sandwich. 

Think about it. 



It seems he was a little confused about what he had to do. Thank goodness our Master of Ceremonies, the very serious Mac Barron, was able to step in and take over.

Here are some highlights of the morning.

Mac Barron was an awesome host

Mac Barron was an awesome host

the audience was so engaged

the audience was so engaged

the youngest participants

the youngest participants

Capt Jeff and the SWAGsters

Capt Jeff and the SWAGsters

On the U meets in the Catholic Spotlight

On the U meets in the Catholic Spotlight

The Catholic Hack table

The Catholic Hack table

Aren't these two the cutest? Ever? Sarah Bauer and Chris Sansone.

Aren't these two the cutest? Ever? Sarah Bauer and Chris Sansone.

These are just some highlights from the morning. Unfortunately for me, I heard most of the conference from just outside the main hall. I was wandering around making sure stuff was secure and things were running smoothly. Don’t feel sorry for me. I can watch the addresses from the links at, but in the meantime I was able to enjoy a different aspect of the conference, like getting to talk to some really cool people. This last picture of Sarah was taken just a few moments after she autographed her CD for my daughter, Christy, who remains bitter about not going to the CNMC. [next year for sure, Christy]

Some of the Board was meeting at 6:45 AM to go over to the Skyroom to set up. It was definitely an early morning. We were in the lobby on time, but decided that maybe grabbing some breakfast in the hotel would be a good idea.


Note the fork in David’s pocket. Breakfast was a bit rushed, and our fearless leader had a lot to keep up with. At least he’s a good sport. What a calm guy in the midst of chaos.

The vendors and sponsors were already at the Skyroom setting up. I really liked the way they were layed out. I think people really enjoyed going to see what was going on.


There’s Bill Moyer. And then Guadalupe Radio.


Our guys trying to figure out how to put togehter the SQPN backdrop. I think there might have been a call to Greg Willits at some point.



And finally, the incomparable, Linda “The Forger” Nielsen, running some magic to make sure all the numbers were crunched right. She’s smiling. That’s a good thing, right?

Most folks hit the Riverwalk after the Meet-N-Greet. The night was still young, and most people just kind of ambled away to the river to keep talking and getting to know each other.

Some of us, however, had more pressing things on our minds, like getting some real dinner. While we pretended to eat the hors d’ouevres (and they were very tasty), having had a light lunch, and then “hosting” the meet-n-greet and trying to make sure we touched base with everyone, sitting down to eat was an enticing thought.

Father Roderick, however, distractable as ever, disappeared and we had to chase him down! We finally threatened to leave him behind, and that motivated him. It’s a good thing he runs marathons.


What was really funny was watching the level of geekiness as people got comfortable. One thing I noted, if Dr. Paul was anywhere in the vicinity, it was like watching a bunch of pre-teen boys. It didn’t help that he was wearing his KC ball cap. Anyway, out would come the iPhone, and the guys would gather around and watch videos. Silly boys.


When I called him on it, I turned around to find that Fr. Seraphim was equally tied to the technology, only, sometimes you still have to do things OldSchool, and he had to pull out an ACTUAL PAPER! I know. Shocking.


Patrick Madrid even got into the game when he went to join the ustream audience. The laptop ustreaming became an entity, too!




And of course, our hosts, Chris, Helen, and Nicholas from The Catholic Company.


Our friends at The Catholic Company hosted this year’s Meet-N-Greet, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! Everyone was having a good time, and the conversation was hysterical.

Participant #1: Hi, I’m Bob.

Participant #2: Good to meet you. I’m Barb.

empty and awkward small talk

Barb: Oh my goodness, you’re Bicycle Bob! ! !

Bob: And you’re BarbInNebraska! ! !

animated and engaged conversation

It went like that all night!




100_6723My husband was watching on ustream and I got a text message shortly after this…”I saw you drinking that margarita.” Busted!


We went to the Alamo to film the last piece for the CNMC opener. Of course, I used the opportunity for a little tourist action, and had Inge take this picture of me to prove I was there, but the real attraction was the people watching. Check out the bride in bright blue Crocs!


Of course, it was entertaining to watch Mac and Katherine filming. The shaved ice vendors were pretty put out. Ha! I don’t know why; they made some money.



And Stephanie and I got to watch Jude!


The Alamo guard was a little agitated, and was watching the filming with a little trepidation. You’d think people never took video at the Alamo. Of course, chances are people didn’t take video of themselves running around! Ha!



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  • Pat Gohn: Among Women #14 mentions my participation and recommends certain Ustream talks to listen to on SQPN. Also my blog, Write in Between has mentions th
  • Shelly Kelly: That officer may have been trying to decide whether you were filming "for fun" or if he needed to ask to see your city permit! The Alamo does not all
  • Jamie McAdams: It sounds like everyone had a great time. I wasn't there but it sounds like there was a lot to learn and that didn't stop me from blogging about it.